Forced Draft 1,5MM BTU/Hr high reliability pilot suitable for use in applications with higher back pressure.

For higher heat release applications we have a staged forced draft pilot that exhibits the same stabilty as our pre-mix models but provides to 1.5MBTU/hr heat release.

Ignition is provided by the integrated eHEnergizer.  All pilots are configured to integrate with the leading vendor UV flame safeguard technology and will ship direct for field install ready to fire. Installation is as simple as hooking up to the field regulated gas supply and a controlling BMS PLC.


Model : 1.5M BTU/Hr

Capacity Natural Draft 70,000 to 120,000 BTU/Hr Staged Forced Draft Natural Gas to 2MBTU/Hr @ 15psig
Operating Range5 - 15 psig
Mounting2" Firing Port (Typical)
Flame Scanner Interface1" NPT
IgnitionUnifire HEI Assembly
AspirationForced Draft

Ordering Information

Pilots are customized to suit your particular heater application. Please contact our engineering sales team to discuss your requirements.