Unifire Launch

Rebranded, re-approved and under continuous improvement.

The Unifire range of combustion & control technologies delivers high reliability and performance to end-users in the petrochemical, hydrocarbon, refining and processing industries. Our product line up extends from approved ignition devices to complete code compliant burner assemblies.




Based out of Squamish, BC; Unifire offers high technology solutions to end-users in the petrochemical and hydrocarbon processing industries. All products are built upon a foundation of engineering best practice to deliver safe, reliable combustion and control thereof.

With a collective experience in excess of 50 years; our engineering team specializes in the development of combustion and control equipment from first principles. Unifire is committed to going that step further to improve the product. Research and development is backed up with CFD studies prior to prototyping to push for higher performance and efficiency from our mixers and burners. Our Product development process adopts IEC 61508 conformant lifecycles on all software and electronic subsystem development, regardless of targeted functional safety classification. Safety is not optional and reliability is imparted to products in the earliest stages of development. Unifire is going further to ensure that our products are Engineered to be reliable, safe and leading edge.

Unifire can provide guidance and engineering support for upgrading existing systems to the latest codes (e.g. B149.3) and standards. Through application of the Unifire product line end-users can obtain a  system that is safer, more reliable and delivers improved performance.

Our initial launch delivers re-branded field proven technologies of our parent company. Developed specifically for fired appliances used in the petrochemical, hydrocarbon and refining industries; this technology platform is being applied to a product portfolio that will deliver a complete range of combustion and control products to our primary North American markets and on a global scale.


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